Rainbow Six Siege:
Y5S3.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege will soon enter its final 4th season of Year 5. Meanwhile, we received the mid season  Y5S3.3 patch notes.

Unfortunately, we won’t get Tachanka rework just yet, but there are plenty of changes that will excite some of you and anger others.
This time around we will get a lot of operator balancing changes to our most favorite characters (and those less popular, too), as well as a massive change to how shield bearing operators work in R6.
Last, but not least we get a nerf for the “yellow ping” mechanic in the game!

The Y5S3.3 patch was released on the 20th of October 2020 for PC and PS4, while Xbox will receive the patch on the following week (from 26th October).
Furthermore, PS4 and Xbox will receive the Y5S3.2 patch together with Y5S3.3.



Melusi R6 Siege operator minimalistic portrait
Oryx R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter

As you can see in Y5S3 Designer notes (here are our analysis) Melusi has been performing too well. She is second to only Jager in the presence rate (~58%), with the second-highest win delta for all defenders (~2,8%).

Therefore, Melusi nerf was inevitable. We guess that Ubisoft had three directions to deal with it:

  • Weapons
  • Gadget
  • Speed

They chose the first option.

Melusi will lose T-5 as a primary weapon and instead will receive MP5. She will not have an access to magnifying scopes on MP5, hence her options will be Red Dot, Holographic and Reflex sights.

Oryx, on the other hand, will get the T-5 instead of MP5. On top of that, Oryx will be able to equip 1.5x scope on his new SMG.
Yes, you heard well! Rainbow Six Siege impersonation of Juggernaut will get one of the best guns on the defense with magnification.
If this Oryx buff does not boost his presence rate, then probably nothing will.


The newest Hard Breacher addition in Rainbow Six Siege is about to get nerfed in the utility department.
Ace is generally a very strong attacker, with a great primary gun and a very strong breaching gadget.
In fact, he is the third most picked attacker, after Ash & Zofia.

As a result, Ubisoft decided to lower the effectiveness of his S.E.L.M.A gadget.
Ace will retain 3 pieces of SELMA, but each gadget will detonate 2 explosions, instead of the current 3.

Such a nerf makes sense since Ace had advantages of both Hibana and Thermite, without major setbacks.
For us, it’s a step in a good direction from a balancing perspective. We expect Thermite to make a comeback from Y5S3.3. On the other hand, Ace might become more of a supplementary Hard Breacher or a situational pick where ranged wall breaching is the preferred option (i.e. Coastline, 2F Billiards Room wall to the courtyard)


The infamous sniper of Rainbow Six Siege is in a terrible spot from a statistics perspective.
He is not picked often (to say the least) and his win delta is off the chart, but in the negative direction (-10%).

Yet again developers attempt to buff Glaz’s unique scope in hope to bring him back from nerf oblivion. This time Glaz buff will:

  • Decreased movement penalty by 50% (from 6s to 12s of movement)
  • Decreased recovery time for vision (from 1s to 0.4s)

What this means in practical terms is that Glaz will be able to move longer without decreasing drastically his ability to see enemies’ outlines and will recover faster when remaining still.

Will this make him a viable attacker in Rainbow Six Siege?
We don’t think so. The game is played at a much higher pace now in Year 5 than it used to be. Also, the operator’s design is just not fitting well in R6.

FROST loadout addition

Ubisoft decided to add the ITA12S shotgun as Frost’s secondary weapon.
The reasoning behind this change is thatFrost’s effectiveness depends on awareness (or rather lack of) about her presence on the defensive team. Once attackers know that defenders have Frost, it becomes easy to predict where the Welcome mats may be – doors, windows, or top of staircases.

By adding shotgun as a secondary, the developer hopes to add versatility to Frost’s gadget placement with a new layer – creating rotation holes behind which she places mats. On top of that, the Canadian defender will be able to help other operators with objective re-modeling chores during the preparation phase.

TACHANKA loses scope

Ubisoft removes 1.5x scope from 9x19VSN to prepare the Lord for his rework.
It’s not a big deal since nobody plays the Savior anyway until he gets buffed.


Shield operators are going through changes. It’s safe to say that shield mains will not like those changes. Well, maybe besides rare breed of Clash mains.
The changes are twofold:

  • Guard Break animation
  • Explosion protection


Guard break is an animation when the shield operator is left exposed to frontal damage. Before the Y5S3.3 patch, a guard break could be achieved only by a meleeing shield operator. Extended Montagne was resistant to melee.
Now, guard break will be also achievable with:

  • Explosives (impact grenades, nitro cell)
  • Clash taser

And probably the most impactful change – fully extended Montagne is now also impacted by guard break!

For more on Guard Break, check out the below video from CoreRoss:


With the introduction of the Y5S3 mid season patch, shield-bearing operators will protect other players located behind them from an explosion. Explosion protection is granted to both allies and enemies who are positioned behind the shield operator.

The shield damage protection will depend on body exposure to the source of the explosion.
On the other hand, the protection for shields from the explosives is being lowered to 66% from 80%, which is a nerf for the shield operators.

Y5S3.3 Patch notes:

Up until now, using the yellow ping on surveillance devices was a no-risk and high reward mechanic in Rainbow Six Siege. Instead of scanning the enemy’s location with a red ping, it was better to just use a yellow ping instead.
The enemy had no way to know that they were pinged or that the intel gathering gadget (i.e. drone or camera) is present nearby.

Now, pinging is about to change! With the Y5S3.3 patch, using yellow ping will emit a sound, which is audible for enemies present nearby the device.
This is a huge change that will surely impact how the teams are utilizing information in Rainbow Six Siege. An ability to make a detailed verbal callout will be more important than ever. And knowing when to ping safely and when not is going to be crucial, too!

The official patch notes can be found on Ubisoft’s website under this link.

What do you think about the Y5S3.3 patch?
Do you like the changes to shield operators?

Let us know in the comments below!
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