R6 Siege Designer notes:
statistics comparison - Y5S3 vs. Y5S2.1

Rainbow Six Siege developers have shared with us Y5S3 Designer Notes before the Y5S3.3 patch release. The original article is available on Ubisoft’s website here.

As usual, we decided to compare the data between current notes and the statistics released during the previous Y5S2 season – Operation Steel Wave.

In Y5S3 Designer Notes, developers shared the following metrics, such as:

  • WIN DELTA VS. PRESENCE for both attackers and defenders

On top of that, Ubisoft has released Y5S3.3 patch notes which we will break down in a separate article.

Let’s dive into changes in numbers between Y5S3 and Y5S2.1 updates.



  1. ASH presence increased

    It may sound crazy but Ash presence has yet again increased significantly by an approx. 8%.
    As of Y5S3 Ash is picked ~76% of the time when she is available.
    What’s even more crazy is comparing her presence to even older seasons. Since Y4S4, her presence has been steadily growing (~58% in Y4S4).

    Ash did not receive any buffs but her continuous high presence shows just how powerful attackers she is. Additionally, the “heavy utility sink” defensive meta is still present, thus teams are often required to bring either (or even both) Ash/Zofia.

  2. THATCHER presence decreased

    Thatcher is picked significantly less, with a 10% lower presence rate in Y5S3.

    This is hardly surprising considering changes to how his EMPs are working – impacted defensive electronics are now temporarily disabled instead of being permanently destroyed.
    The other reason for his decreased presence rate may be the continuous ban trend of Thatcher. Teams have simply learned how to play without him by this point.

    We believe we may experience even further drop in Thatcher’s presence rate as the time goes.

  3. BLITZ & FUZE win delta increased significantly

    Blitz has seen a ~5.5% win delta increase, while Fuze’s improved by ~6%.
    Fuze’s increase is not a big surprise. “Hostage’s nemesis” has received noticeable buffs in 2020.
    Blitz, on the other hand, is quite an interesting shift. The german shield operator did not get any buffs recently.

  4. GLAZ win delta is atrocious

    Glaz is now out of the chart, but not in a favorable way like Jager. Russian sniper win delta is currently at a ridiculous -10%.
    Ubisoft plans to buff Glaz in the Y5S3.3 patch, but we do not expect a major shift in his presence and win delta. Currently, he just does not feel like the right fit of an operator in Rainbow Six Siege.



  1. MELUSI presence increased

    Melusi is now the second most picked defender with a near 60% presence rate.

    Ubisoft announced that they will take away her T-5 and replace it with MP5 in the upcoming Y5S3.3 patch. We expect Melusi’s presence to drop significantly by the end of Year 5.

  2. BANDIT presence decreased

    Bandit presence has dropped by ~9% since Y5S2.1. Though, the German defender is still 4th popular defender on the chart.

    Let’s see if the change in his presence will remain lowered or perhaps it is only a momentary drop due to recent EMP changes and the addition of Ace.

  3. DOC presence got obliterated

    Doc has dropped by a whooping ~28% in the presence chart. This is a huge drop which is caused by Doc losing access to high magnification (ACOG).

    Since the Y5S3 patch (Operation Shadow Legacy) he has access only to 1.5x magnification.

  4. TACHANKA win delta increased

    The Lord (and Savior) has been winning some matches recently. His delta increased by a huge 7,5%.

    We have to bear in mind, however, that he is barely ever picked so his win delta can be volatile.

    Not sure about you, but we’re quite curious how Tachanka’s presence and win delta will change with the upcoming Tachanka rework!



  1. JACKAL ban rate decreased

    Jackal is no longer the 2nd most banned attacker. In Y5S2, he had high ban % “dominance” over the 3rd and 4th spots. The infamous Spanish attacker has dropped in the ban rate chart by 21%.
    Currently, he is sitting on a 4th spot and we have an interesting situation – 3 operators share 2nd to 4th spot with 32-33% bans – Montagne, Blackbeard, and Jackal.

  2. ZERO is not on the top 10 ban chart

    This means that Zero is either considered well balanced by the Rainbow Six Siege community or is quite underwhelming. It’s hard to tell if players will discover some popular and overpowered ways of using Zero soon. To us, Sam Fisher of R6 is a well-balanced attacker.



  1. MIRA remains the top ban

    Mira’s ban rate dropped by an approx. 6%, but remains top 1 ban with an almost 30% “advantage” over the second-place – Echo.
    If anything, Mira has been buffed with the Y5S3 patch which gave her access to 1.5x scope.

  2. MELUSI ban rate decreased significantly

    Melusi has become the 3rd most banned defender. In the previous season, Melusi was almost on par with Mira in terms of ban rate %. In Y5S3, however, Her ban rate dropped by 21% and she is currently 3% less banned than Echo.

    We can expect a further drop in her ban rate with the upcoming switch of T-5 to MP5 in Y5S3.3 patch notes.
    She will be the first defender to have MP5 with 3-speed characteristics.

Are you surprised by changes in numbers?
What changes do you expect from balancing changes in the recent Y5S2.3 patch?
Let us know in the comments!
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