Rainbow Six Siege:
Y6S3.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege is set to receive the usual dose of balancing updates in the middle of a season.

What will Y6S3.3 update bring to the table?
Let’s have a look at the details of the changes.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3
the Nerfs:

  • MELUSI Nitro cell replaced with Bulletproof camera
    Not as severe nerf as MELUSI received in the past to her Banshees, but still a significant one.
  • Mx4 Storm (Alibi) – vertical recoil increased
    Developers are not satisfied with the K/D of Alibi with Mx4, thus nerfing the gun
  • P10 Roni (Mozzie & Aruni) – multiple changes:
    • decreased magazine size to 16 (from 20)
    • increased vertical recoil
    • increased kick on the first bullet

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3
the Buffs:

  • CASTLE Increased number of Armor panels to 4 (from 3)
    CASTLE’s buff comes with a slight nerf. The total number of melee hits required to destroy the barricade is reduced to 9 (from 12)

  • KAPKAN  – He can now place multiple traps on the same doorway/window
    This change adds lethality to KAPKAN’s trap placement!

  • ORYX cooldown for Remah dash reduced to 8s (from 12s)

  • WAMAI Maximum number of Mag-nets increased to 6 (from 4)
    The trade-off is that the area of effect of each Mag-net has been reduced to 3.5m (from 5m)

  • HARD BREACH CHARGE – Operators who can equip the gadget will have 2 charges available during the round (previously 1)

  • CLASH – P10-C has been replaced with Super Shorty
    Such a change adds potential for more utility of CLASH. Unlikely to be a major change in how CLASH is played since she can equip only 1 weapon. Having Super Shorty as your only gun is extremely limiting. 

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