Rainbow Six Siege:
Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege received a Y5S4.3 patch on live servers on the 26th of January 2021. The Y5S4.3 patch was anticipated by many players within the R6 community and for a good reason. Balancing patches that come out every season tend to shift the meta of the game. It’s hard to speak about the general consensus of a community as big as Rainbow Six Siege one, but it feels to us as if more and more people grew dissatisfied with the current meta of the game.

Does the Y5S4.3 patch bring changes that will make your experience more enjoyable?
Well, you will have to judge it by yourself after reading the below patch notes!

Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

Kali Changes

Kali R6 operator poster black&white by r6siegecenter

Changes made in the Y5S4.3 patch to Kali are interesting.
They are by far the most creative of all modifications introduced in this update.

The idea behind the changes is to buff Kali, but we are not sure whether it is actually a buff, and not a nerf.

Long story short: CSRX300 is no longer a 1-shot DBNO machine.

What we got instead is damage based calculation which is more nuanced.
Here are the details of how the damage will work now

  • CSRX300 deals now 122 base damage until 25 meters distance
  • After 25 meters, the damage drops linearly to 80% of the base value (97.6) at 35 meters distance
  • Limbs damage remains unchanged

What this means is that the results of body shots will differ depending on defenders armor ratings and distance:

  • 1-armor operators will be killed (up to 34 meters)
  • 2-armor operators will be downed
  • 3-armor operators will be significantly damaged but not downed

So the changes to Kali’s primary weapon are a buff if you shoot 1-armor defender in close range, but are not in many other circumstances. I mean, you won’t even down 3-armor operators in the point-blank range…

On top of that, CSRX300 logic change increases the usefulness of Rook’s armor plates!

It’s a weird design choice that does not fix the problem with Kali.
Instead, Ubisoft could have buffed the gun versus 1-armor defenders and leave DBNO mechanics for 2 and 3 armor operators. It would be buff without making Kali broken.

On top of that, the damage indicated in patch notes seems to be inconsistent with the in-game results. Below you can see the Rogue-9 video on this subject.

Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

The Buffs

  • Skeleton Key ammo increased to 31 from 26
  • Hard Breach Charge added instead of Claymore

Y5S4.3 changes to Buck are in our opinion a good buff to a Canadian attacker. Both additions fit his desired role better as they allow Buck to focus on environmental destruction.

Echo R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter

Echo’s Yokai drones received some love after the significant nerfs in previous patches.

  • Sonic Burst cooldown reduced to 16s from 20 seconds
  • Yokai drone jump cooldown reduced to 2s from 3s
  • The drone’s animation for failing to stick to the ceiling reduced to 0.5s from 2s

Hard Breach Charges

Developers from Ubisoft are not fully satisfied with where the newest universal gadget is at.
As a result, charges receive a buff to:

  • Deployment time of charges reduced to 2s from 3s
  • Activation time to 5s from 6s

Ballistic Shields

The camera penalty has been removed for Guard Break animation.

Decreased recoil

Please note that the below weapons’ recoil was lowered but only for controller players.
The guns impacted by recoil changes are:

  • ARX
  • C8
  • M1014
  • TCSG12

Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

The Nerfs

Zofia R6 B&W design by r6siegecenter

Zofia has been nerfed quite heavily. In fact, she is the most impacted operator who got nerfed with the Y5S4.3 update.

  • Withstand mechanic removed
  • Resistance to concussion effects removed (both Zofia’s and Ela’s)
  • Explosive range of impact grenade reduced to 2m from 3m

Withstand changes got the most attention from the R6 community.
Was it a bad ability? Opinions are split on that one. Some claim that free self-revival mechanic is cheap and not skill-based. Others claim that withstand was just one of the abilities in the game, similar to Doc’s self-revival.
Who is right? Probably everyone in a way.

We did not find it broken. Withstand was rather an annoyance in case of inability to confirm a kill in certain circumstances.


Both Ash and Jager seem to be in a position where whatever nerfs they receive, they remain favorite picks of the community. The Y5S4.3 change to Ash is not a significant enough nerf change that.

This nerf, however, will force Ash mains to be more precise with the usage of Breaching Rounds.


  • DBNO extra mine mechanic removed
  • Resistance to concussion effects removed (both Ela’s and Zofia’s)

A nerf that should not change the operator’s pick rate, but appears to be another step in a direction of removing DBNO mechanics and passive resistances.

Attachments removals

Lesion, Melusi & Mira

  • Lesion – 1.5x scope removed from T-5
  • Melusi – Angled grip removed from MP5
  • Mira – 1.5x scope removed from Vector (.45 ACP)

Lion universal gadget change

  • Lion loses Hard Breach Charge and gets Claymore

The Y5S4.3 patch comes also with a list of bug fixes and tweaks. A full list of those changes can be found on Ubisoft’s website under this link

Do you agree with changes implemented by Ubisoft in Y5S4.3?
What do you think about removing Kali’s primary weapon DBNO mechanics?

Let us know in the comments below!

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