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“What is up guys! My name is Josh and on here we do all sorts of different Siege videos! The goal is for me to help you get better as a player. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel so we can grow our community together!”

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Learn more about JoshSnipes R6 Youtuber and his opinion on various topics regarding Rainbow Six Siege and being a content creator.

I try my best to find the holes in other videos similar to mine and fill those gaps with the correct information because sometimes good bits of information gets skipped over.

The time it takes to put out a video that I would deem as “good”

Teamplay and communication

Change up the series I am working on so I am not always just doing the same style of video.

Look into keywords/tags in order to find the correct audience in the field you want to make videos for

To help players get better and spread information however I can

Repeeking a spot they just shot from

Good communication and I tend to play the operators that others don’t want to play.
Even more specifically, filling whatever role I think needs to be filled i.e. Hard Breacher or Soft Breacher. Normally, I play Maverick, Hibana, or Thatcher depending on the comp because I normally solo queue. 

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