Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S1.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Patch is out today on the 21st of April 2020. In Designer’s Notes, Ubisoft has shared with R6 Siege community what to expect in the upcoming Y5S1 mid season patch. Since then, the changes were also implemented to TTS (Technical Test Server).
In this article, we will list changes in the Y5S1.2 mid season patch and discuss their potential impact on the game.

List of
Y5S1.2 patch notes

Jager NERF

Jager R6 B&W poster design by r6siegecenter
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  • Jager will be 2 speed 2 armor operator
Jager’s presence in R6 Siege has been off the chart (like literally) with his insanely high pick rate for as long as Ubisoft shares statistics with the R6 community.
Ubisoft already tried to lower his pick rate by nerfing damage on his primary gun – 416-C. However, as we can see in Y5S1.2 Designer Notes, Jager has a 90% presence rate, which remained unchanged since Year 4.
In our opinion, Jager’s speed decrease won’t impact his presence rate much.
Speed is not the only reason people pick Jager. He just offers such a good damn package.
His gadget is essential and also passive (place ADS during preparation and go out roam), so we’d argue that changes to ADS are necessary to lower his rate, too.

Buck Nerf & Buff

Buck R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter
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In Y5S1.2 Patch Buck will go through the following changes:

  • Buck’s Frag grenades will be replaced with Claymore
  • Skeleton Key magazine capacity increased from 5 to 6
  • Skeleton Key total amount of rounds increased from 21 to 26

This is probably the most controversial change in the upcoming R6 Siege patch.

Are you curious about the point of view of professional Rainbow Six Siege players on this subject?
Pengu G2 has voiced his opinion on this subject in the below Youtube video:
I may not always agree with Pengu’s point of view on some topics, but in this case, Niclas makes a lot of sense.
Buck seems to be too versatile for Ubisoft’s liking.
Buck and Sledge are frequently compared to each other since they fill in a similar role – both R6 operators are masters of creating openings in the destructible surfaces.
When it comes to soft environmental destruction and establishing vertical pressure, Buck is second to none (not even to Sledge).
However, Buck has limited capacity in regards to dealing with defensive utility. In fact, his only tool for dealing with the utility are frag grenades.
Sledge, on the other hand, is superior to Buck in dealing with gadgets, such as Evil Eyes, Deployable shields, and Armored panels. That has always been the case.
It seems though, that Ubisoft would like to create an even further distinction in the specialty of both operators.


Considering current defensive meta of heavy delay, no I don’t think so.
Below meme portraits very well moods of many people within R6 community:
Additionally, just have a look at the presence rate and win delta of both Sledge and Buck in our Y5S1 vs Y4S4 Designer’s notes comparison.
Buck is not much more picked than Sledge and, in fact, has even a slightly lower win delta!
So why changing and why now? 
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Ying Buff

Ying R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter
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Y5S1.2 mid season patch brings the following buffs to Ying:

  • Claymores will be replaced by Smoke grenades
  • LMG – T-95 LSW damage increased to 46 (from 43)
  • The number of Candela increased to 4 (from 3)
Rainbow Six Siege development team is surely unhappy with where Ying stands.
Basically, the Y5S1.2 patch is Ying’s second buff in a row!
As of now, Ying is a very niche operator. She is on the bottom end of the presence rate in both ranked and competitive scene of R6 Siege.


It’s certainly a possibility!
Her projectile count just doubled. This could be huge!
In other words, with the upcoming buff, defenders will need 3 ADS to stop Ying completely from flashing an area she wants to push.
Quite a lot of potential push power from one operator, wouldn’t you agree?

Mozzie Nerf

Mozzie R6 B&W design by r6siegecenter
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In Y5S1.2 update Mozzie is a subject to the following nerf:

  • Super Shorty removed from the operator
Mozzie is just too damn versatile defender from the developer’s perspective.
Personally, I like playing Mozzie but can fully understand such reasoning from the Ubisoft team. Right now, Mozzie is capable of intel-gathering, intel-denial, and reconstructing the site.
Such a combination is a very good package thrown in 1 operator who also has decent guns and is 2 speed 2 armor operator, with a Nitro cell.
Honestly, I don’t anticipate Mozzie’s presence rate and win delta to be hit hard by Y5S1.2 patch change. Rather, specific compositions which relied on Mozzie to restructure the site will see an adjustment.

Goyo Nerf(s)

Goyo R6 Siege operator portrait B&W design by r6siegecenter
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The latest mid season R6 patch hits Goyo hard:

  • The number of Volcan shields decreased to 2 (from 3)
First, Y5S1.2 Goyo nerf is absolutely targeted towards the ESL Pro League meta. As we could see in Y5S1.2 Designer notes, Goyo is under-picked and under-powered from a non-competitive perspective. In fact, Goyo is one of the less picked defenders and has negative win delta.
However, in the Pro League, the addition of Goyo together with Wamai is the main reason for the abundance of utility on the defense. Thus, I can understand the reasoning behind taking away one of his Volcan shields.
On the other hand, such a harsh nerf of a 33% reduction in utility may deem Goyo absolutely redundant. Especially, since Goyo is part of another nerf, which is…

TCSG12 Nerf

This powerful DMR disguised as shotgun sees the following change:

  • Damage decreased to 57 (from 84)
Damn, now this is quite harsh nerf for a gun!
Currently, TCSG12 is available to Kaid and Goyo. Most people agree that this gun is powerful in the hands of skilled players.
TCSG certainly requires skill – it is a semi-automatic weapon, so no spray and pray here. As it stands now, TCSG12 is capable of killing anybody with just 2 body shots.


I personally do not like TCSG12 changes proposed in Y5S1.2 R6 patch notes. I think they are too harsh.
TCSG has a high entry skill level to use the gun effectively and a high skill ceiling, as well.
With TCSG12, if you can control the recoil and make your shots count, then you will win a lot of gunfights – players should be rewarded for their skill.
Just to be clear – I don’t use this gun too often.
In fact, I probably die to TCSG more often than kill someone with it.
But when I die to TCSG12 I am not mad – I just got outplayed/out skilled.


Caveira R6 Siege operator B&W poster design by r6siegecenter
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  • M12 will have access to Razor Holographic sight
Last and definitely least important change in Y5S1.2 patch notes is an addition of Holo sight to M12, which is a primary weapon of Caveira.
Razor Holographic sight is an alternative version of Holo. It applies to such weapons as FMG, C1 and P10 RONI.
There’s actually no reason for certain primaries not to have access to Holo, so it is good to see such a change. Though, it’s a convenience change that will impact only a small portion of the player base, similarly to Frost’s change in patch Y5S1 where Ubisoft added Holo to C1.
What do you think about the Y5S1.2 changes?
Do you like nerfs?
Are you worried about Ying buff?
Let us know in the comments below!

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