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  • Good primary – K1A
  • Perfectly suited for roaming
  • Three-speed


  • Only one reasonable primary weapon option
  • Both secondaries have a trade-off
  • Not suitable for anchoring

Defensive operator

Vigil fills in the role of Anti Intel thanks to his unique ability – ERC-7.
His gadget allows him to prevent attackers from gaining information about his exact presence. For that reason alone, he could be considered a Dedicated Roamer.
Besides the unique utility itself, the entire setup of Vigil makes him the perfect operator choice if you want to play as a roamer.


707th SMB



Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Chul Kyung Hwa doesn’t remember much of his childhood, only that his family was escaping across Asia as refugees? Or were they criminals? He remembers his older brother drowning during a river crossing. He remembers the safe house where they stayed trapped for over a month in near silence. He remembers their train ride when soldiers arrested two fellow defectors. He remembers his sick mother slowing them all down during the jungle crossing. He remembers leaving her behind as his father told him not to cry, not to make a noise and alert the armed patrols.

Throughout it all, everyone impressed upon Chul Kyung that anything he said or any strange behavior would get them caught… it was life or death. So he buried his emotions deep, lest he betray his parents and be responsible for their capture; he became a stone to the outside world.

Gaining asylum in South Korea, it was not the happy life they’d envisioned. The loss of his family proved too much for Chul Kyung’s father, who committed suicide, leaving his son an orphan. Chul Kyung remained a stone, never showing emotion, never betraying his inner thoughts.

Chul Kyung was adopted into the Hwa family, who believed it best if he forget his past, which started by changing his full name to Chul Kyung Hwa. Chul Kyung was actively encouraged to forget his real name and he obliged. 


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It was another form of camouflage. He grew up in a system of rules and codes of conduct, and they provided him with a reason to be stoic, to follow orders. He could hide behind the rules.

Chul Kyung wanted to give back to South Korea, the country that took him in, and he entered the ROK Navy, proving the exemplary sailor. He earned himself a berth in the ROKN UDT/SEALs, not only passing with distinction, but becoming such an exemplary operator in the course of his service that he was handpicked by the 707th Special Mission Battalion: White Tigers. He was diligent, methodical, and tenacious, albeit quiet. Naturally, his status as the child of defectors was not shared with his fellow soldiers to better give him a fair shot, but when South Korea was given an opportunity to send two operators into Rainbow, Chul Kyung was at the top of the list.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Vigil R6 operator



What is the utility?

ERC-7 is Vigil R6 operator’s unique utility, which makes him invisible to the attackers on video feeds of surveillance devices, such as:
  • drones
  • cameras – when hacked by Dokkaebi
Vigil’s utility is active, meaning that he has to be alive and activate it to impact the video feed. ERC-7 has a limited duration of a maximum of 12 seconds but can be deactivated earlier. 
Once deactivated ERC-7 recharges in half the time it was used, hence for a maximum of 6 seconds. 
In the Rainbow Six Siege Y4S2 patch, Ubisoft changed how Vigil’s and Caveira’s gadgets’ cooldown logic works. 
Before change Vigil had to wait till ERC-7 recharges fully regardless of the used duration. As a result of the patch, Vigil has a slight delay but can turn ERC-7 back on immediately in scenarios where the duration of the cloak is still available. 
Performing the below actions turns off ERC-7:
  • firing a gun
  • impacting surroundings – example: reinforcing wall or hatches
  • using a melee attack
The surveillance device influenced by Vigil’s utility has visual and audio interference. Interference notifies attackers about Vigil’s presence within 12 meters. It is stronger the closer Vigil is to an impacted device.
ERC-7 modifies only the visual aspect of the feed, thus sounds created by Vigil are still audible even on impacted drones and cameras.
The main advantage of ERC-7 is countering intel about Vigil’s exact location, which requires attackers to either waste time or risk “face checking.” Droning is a vital aspect, especially in higher ranks, where the teams rely heavily on intel to win rounds.
Vigil, as a roamer, has his main objective of wasting attackers’ time, and ERC-7 supports his ability to do so.

How to use utility?

Mechanically ERC is straightforward to use. It requires the player to press the ability button to activate the device and press again if the player wants to deactivate the ability before the full duration of cloak expires.
The purpose of activating Vigil’s cloaking device:
  • hiding your exact location
  • concealing direction you are heading
  • checking for nearby active drones
    When enabling Vigil’s ERC-7, you will get by default 2 points and a notification about them every time you start impacting active surveillance devices controlled by opponents. This can be used to check if any drones are within 12 meters from you.
  • creating vertical confusion
    ERC-7 shows interference also vertically, through ceilings and floors. Such characteristics can be used by Vigil to create an impression of his location on the floor he is not present at.
Appropriate situations for ERC-7 activation:
  • Entry point denial

    In case you attempt to deny access to the building, you can turn ERC on a few seconds into the action phase.
    More careful attackers are likely to drone entry point before going in.
    Bear in mind that interference may give away information about your presence near the entry point.
    This information may prompt attackers to be extra cautious, therefore eliminating your element of surprise.
    If you have a good spot that you are not expecting to be droned out, then try to conceal your presence fully by not activating ERC-7.

  • Expecting to be pushed

    This applies to during the round situations where you anticipate attackers to push your location.
    Signs indicating potential push can be various, such as: destroying barricades, footsteps, grenades (stun or frag) thrown in your direction.
    Even if you do not see drones searching for you, it does not mean attackers do not have visual on you – drones may be pre-placed or in a spot you are not checking

  • Rotating

    As a roamer, you will (and definitely should) constantly be on the move. Staying in one location and holding a certain angle for the majority of the round is more often than not a recipe for being easy prey for attackers.
    The element of surprise and unpredictability are two essential aspects of efficient roaming. ERC-7 can help you greatly with that in situations where you want to relocate to a new location as it will deny intel about the direction you move towards.

  • Attempting flank

More often than not, attackers will leave a drone close to the potential flank location for dead teammates to look for incoming flank. Therefore, when attempting a flank, activate your cloak to deny visual information about your approach. Just remember: players spectating drones and cameras can still hear you.

  • Using cloaking device at the preparation phase start
It gives away the fact that Vigil is present. At the same time, such usage does not give any benefit. It does not matter whether attackers know where exactly you are – its objective, where you won’t be during the round.
  • Not using ERC-7 when leaving objective to roam
ERC will conceal the direction you are heading towards. Drones present nearby will still have an indication of Vigil being nearby, but will have a hard time figuring where exactly did he go.
  • Relying on ERC-7 too heavily
Some players tend to act like they are invisible when the cloaking device is active. Remember: it only disturbs the visual feed of surveillance tools. You can still be seen and heard by players.



Vigil R6 operator does not synergize with any specific defender.


Vigil is not a counter to any specific operator or attacker’s role.
However, he is the best counter to droning, which is a crucial aspect of consistently effective attacking tactics.
Just like Caveira, Vigil R6 operator counters very well indecisive and uncoordinated attacking teams who as a result, may either lose manpower when hunting a roamer or waste a significant portion of time in the process.
Additionally, Vigil is not visible to Iana Gemini Replicator when his ERC-7 is active.

Countered by:

  • While using ERC-7 Vigil is visible on IQ’s electronics detector, just like Pulse.
  • Unlike Caveira, when ERC-7 is active Vigil leaves scannable footprints for Jackal to identify.
  • EMP disables temporarily ERC-7, whether it was active at the time of EMP detonation or not. This counter is somewhat situational as using EMP deliberately and solely to disable Vigil’s utility sounds ill-advised.

How to play -
Vigil R6 Siege


Vigil, together with Caveira, is the operator who I categorize as a dedicated roamer in Rainbow Six Siege. 
Technically he could stay on-site, but he shines as roamer thanks to:
  • specification – 3 speed & 1 armor
  • loadout – has access to impact grenades, two automatic weapons and lacks ACOG
  • utility –  supports constant movement and wasting attackers’ time
Roaming means leaving the objective site as a defender to interrupt and flank the attacking team.
Roamers usually split into disruptive and sneaky ones.
Disruption involves denying the ability to enter the building for attackers and continuously harassing attackers to shift their attention from objective to you.
Sneaky defenders rely more on concealing their presence and location to flank unsuspecting attackers during a later stage of the round.
As a roamer, getting kills is a great addition, but not the only reason for roamers to exist.
The main point of roaming is to waste attackers’ time and make them feel uncomfortable pushing the site before dealing with you.
Roaming role is filled usually by more advanced players as it requires:
  • advanced map knowledge
  • mobility
  • creativity
  • good game sense
If you want to learn more about roaming, I recommend visiting the section dedicated to this role by clicking the below button.


It is easier to mess up roaming than to be a useless anchor on the site in R6 Siege. Therefore, roaming is a generally harder role to fulfill properly, which raises our rating of the operator’s difficulty by a notch.
From available defenders specialized in roaming Vigil R6 operator is easy to pick up and utilize in basic ways. However, mastering Vigil does require extensive experience.
  • non-vital utility which is also simple to use mechanically
  • Utilizing ERC well requires good game sense and being in constant motion, which is not something new players will be usually proficient in at the beginning
  • Effective roaming requires map knowledge and timing flanks properly

Loadout guide -
Vigil R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Bulletproof camera

Camera deployable on floors and walls to surveil areas. Can see through smoke and survives direct shots to its front panel.


Impact grenade

Grenade exploding on impact. Primarily used for opening holes in surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
K1AFlash hiderAngled gripReflex
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Impact grenade

Why such loadout?

Let me start by saying that BOSG. 12.2 is a meme gun, and unless you are messing around, you should not pick it over K1A.
It has extremely high damage per bullet, but the trade-off is very high – only two bullets available before reload is necessary.
However, if you decide to use it, I suggest equipping BOSG with an angled grip. This gun’s recoil is not going to matter much when you have one shot to hit your enemy. Benefits of angled grip (faster ADS time) on the other hand, can come in handy in case of unexpected encounters.
Now that we discussed which weapon you should not use let’s focus on the primary weapon of our choice as Vigil – K1A.
K1A is not a laser beam it used to be before Recoil changes in Y3, the gun pulls a bit to the right and has a higher vertical climb.
As a result, I recommend using a flash hider to minimize vertical recoil. The compensator does not neutralize horizontal recoil enough to justify using it on this gun.
K1A is one of few guns where I highly recommend utilizing an angled grip. Thanks to this attachment you increase your odds of winning unexpected gunfights. In theory, you should always aim at the expected enemy’s position when turning a corner, but in reality, that is not always the case.
Vigil R6 Siege operator has only access to 1x sights, so play around with it and choose the sight that suits you best. For me, it’s Reflex sight as usual due to the field of view it allows. 
Now let’s talk secondaries, which are significantly more debatable topics than primary weapons choices. Vigil is in a unique spot in R6 Siege as he has access to two automatic secondaries: C75 Auto and SMG-12.
Before SMG recoil nerfs, SMG-12 was the favorite of the community. There were of course players who mained Vigil with C75 Auto, but most used SMG-12. 
Now that SMG-12 got an immense increase in recoil, choices are very subjective and debate purely on the personal preferences of players.
Choice of secondary comes down basically to:
Are you willing to bear with crap FoV or crazy recoil?
The advantage of SMG-12 is access to usual sight options, while C75 Auto can be used only with default iron sights, which is… terrible. 
When in ADS, C75 has a minimal field of view, and it may be hard for players to see what they are shooting at.
However, in my personal opinion, its stable recoil makes it still a better option than currently, SMG-12 is.
From the attachment perspective, C75 Auto has probably the most limited options from all guns. You can only attach a suppressor. Yes, that is all you can do.
Lastly, the Impact grenade is the universal gadget to go with as a Vigil R6 operator. 
Impacts will help you open new avenues, angles and will provide Vigil with an option for creating an emergency escape route when pinched. Vigil’s utility enhances such usage as ERC-7 makes it harder for attackers to confirm his presence in specific locations.
The bulletproof camera can have its use, but I do not recommend using it as Vigil unless necessary due to specific tactics.

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