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Learn how to lead a team in Rainbow Six Siege!

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

- John C. Maxwell


Rainbow Six Siege is a game that heavily emphasizes teamwork and tactics.
Teamwork means working productively and effectively with other people.

We can see leadership being highly appreciated in different areas of our day-to-day life, such as workplaces and team sports. It is a popular topic of publications and courses in many fields. But what about team-based computer games like R6 Siege?
I think we, gamers, often underestimate the value of leadership in competitive shooters. To achieve success and sustain it, we need a leader.

Benefits are various and will differ depending on your R6 Siege squad, what you want to achieve, and current setbacks that prevent you from reaching goals.
Of course, the significance of leadership becomes more apparent the higher you go with skill, commitment, and difficulty of goals you’ve set for your Rainbow Six Siege story.

However, having a leader is not an exclusive perk of Professional E-sport teams.
Even a bunch of friends who want to reach Gold can design such a role in their squad!

I have seen many environments with strange concepts concerning a leader, like gaming communities, families, or workplaces.
Knowing what IGL and Coach is and how can it be achieved is vital to both the leader and their team.
The R6 Siege IGL who does not understand what he should do can eventually break the group.
Similarly, team members not knowing what to expect from the leader put themselves at severe disadvantage and risks.
Thus, we have created guides to help you with the various aspects of Leadership in Rainbow Six Siege.

Available Guides -
R6 Siege leader

Let’s get the fundamentals right:

  • Definition
  • Principles
  • Responsibilities
  • Toxic leader alerts

Communication is the key!

Develop the right mindset, and speak with your teammates as a true R6 Siege Leader. 

We all need feedback to evaluate our skills and progression.

Discover how to give feedback in R6 Siege, without judging teammates as IGL and Coach!

In team-based environments conflicts are an inevitable part of human interactions.

Become a mediator!

Become an IGL or Coach who is the source of trust in Rainbow Six Siege team!


Inspire your team

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