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“This channel is made up for every single Sieger and everyone else that follows up the Pro League and the competitive scene. (…) You’ll learn how to function as a team.”

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Learn more about KaosX, as well as his opinion on various topics regarding Rainbow Six Siege and being a content creator.

I am an ex-ESL player, IGL and a coach, the experience in the game that I have got throughout of 2 years playing competitive should say enough of the informative content I am publishing, from Pro League 5-man strats, Pocket strats, explaining reasons behind the investment of the gadget utility and simply learning some stuff that is still unknown from the people.

For instance, do you know that you can vault on ANY barricade over just one melee hole (including double barricades?), or did you know how not to show Vigil bars to the drone even if you’re just 1.5m away from them? Yeah, that’s exactly what my channel is about, for a new player and as well as a highly competitive player – I have juicy stuff for everyone. Also, you are the one that is telling me which videos to make over multiple polls

Well, the biggest issue is here having people willing to sacrifice their time with you in the custom.

Having one or two people in the custom Lobby is okay, but having 3 or more people at the same time can be troublesome.

As of, if we’re talking about, the most important attributes to win in Siege – it’s definitely based on your team. A fragger cannot do their job without proper support.

Well, I don’t play as much Siege as I used to, because I am mainly analyzing pretty much everything in the Siege in custom/PL matches/lower tier matches & I am attending to Maths/Physics University, year 2.

Being a content creator is not easy, especially when you are coming from a country that simply doesn’t support as much the effort being put in the YouTube.

It really depends on what kind of content creator do you want to be, but either way, it takes loads of time. My biggest advice is, take YouTube as a hobby, never quit anything to become a full-time YouTube content creator. There are many fishes in the sea, it’s not easy to get caught in the sea of fish.

Currently, I am doing this out of the hobby as already stated, but if I can turn this into a job or a side activity – that’d be my primary goal. There are so many videos that I want to publish, but one day has just 24 hours.

People usually think they know everything, it also comes when people are re-watching the rounds they’re analyzing.

You have to understand that you don’t know everything and that it’s mostly your fault for a loss. Blaming your teammates won’t improve your mechanical/brain skills.

As I already stated, I don’t play the game as much – but it’d definitely be IGLing, understanding the situation and simply 200IQ plays.

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