Guides to improvement in Rainbow Six Siege

Road to Mastery

Learn what it takes to become a champion!

“Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better.”

- Jim Rohn


Do you know what frustration in competitive game like Siege is?
I would describe frustration as expecting high rank in skilled team, with impressive results, while being just an average player.
This message might sound negative, but I think it is actually very positive. Ubisoft doesn’t need to change the game to fit you, your enemies do not need to make more mistakes, stars do not have to align.
It means that you can get better results by improving as a player!
We have created a whole section designed to help you with doing so.
Whether you are a new to Rainbow Six Siege or experienced player, I hope you will be able to find here helpful advice or maybe even two. 
If you are searching for a guide on how to rank from Silver to Diamond quickly, then our guides are probably not going to help you with that.
Instead of quick fixes, you will find here guidelines for the real work of becoming a better player in Rainbow Six Siege.
Just like in most aspects of life, to be good at Siege, all of us need to put time and effort to establish the right mindset, acquire the necessary skills, and develop positive habits.
Rainbow Six Siege is a very complex shooter, with tons of variables. I do not think it is possible to provide step by step guide that would fit all situations and every player.
Honestly, though, I wouldn’t want to do so even if it was feasible. Instead, I want to give you good questions that you can ask yourself when playing the game and perhaps a different perspective, which you haven’t considered up until now. 
Therefore, the aim of our guides is to provide readers with as much informative material as possible, while also suggesting direction on how to approach improvement in various areas.
I hope you will enjoy going through our content as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you!

Available Guides

We cannot reach our goals if we do not know:

  • who we are
  • where we are going
  • how to get there

Key aspect to growth, especially as a team.
Learn how to communicate effectively with your team mates during and after the match in Rainbow Six Siege.

We are all creatures of habits.
Habits are often the difference between great and decent players.

Develop skills needed to up your game, such as Map knowledge & Aiming, to name few.

Do you have right tools to supplement your improvement in Siege? Check our suggestions on how to setup your Rainbow Six Siege temple.

Guides designed to help you lead your R6 Siege team to success.


Deliberate Practice

Some of those areas, such as mindset, habits, and communication, are often overlooked. We usually dedicate most focus to more flashy aspects of skill in Rainbow Six Siege. Yes, I am talking about aim, roaming, clutching, and peeking.
I believe that mental skills, such as setting the right mindset, habits, and being able to communicate effectively with others are fundamentals, just as important (if not more) than actual mechanical skills. 

I am not trying to take credit for coming up with ideas shared in guides. Most of them can be found in countless books available, especially in self-development literature.

I realize that not everybody is interested in studying self-development for tons of hours.
Some people might not believe it actually works or makes a difference.

I intended to pick essential, actionable aspects of becoming a better version of yourself and tailor it to developing in Rainbow Six Siege.